Advancing Learner Agency

#MindFuelED2023 | Feb 22-23, 2023
Margaritaville Resort Palm Springs | Palm Springs, CA

Learner Agency is the capacity of learners to act purposefully and constructively to direct their growth and contribute to the development of their peers. So let’s get ReconnectED at #MindFuelED2023 and explore the power within us to give learners the level of autonomy and control they need to experience and influence their educational journey.

Collaborate with us to answer the following questions:

How will you connect with other educators and leaders to grow your network?

How can we create learning spaces that bridge our students’ cultural identities to their learner identities?

How can we create conditions for learners to draw upon their existing funds of knowledge?

How do I ensure my students transfer the mindsets and habits of learning they develop both in and out of their school experience?

How do I build authentic equal learning partnerships with students and families?

How does the learning experience ensure clarity of academic, social, and emotional competencies?

How do we engage learners personally and collaboratively?

How can we better understand power, oppression, and equity through questioning, dialogue, and reflection?

MindFuelEd 2023 Campaign consisting of red mountains in Palm Springs, blue sky and collage of past attendees.
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Registrations for MindfuelEd can be processed both online and offline. The following payment methods are accepted: MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Purchase Order, and check. If you require an invoice to process payment or purchase order, select the “Offline” option on the “Payment” tab when prompted to do so, and we will be in touch.

NEW: Post-Con | New for 2023, we offer a day of focused professional development during what we are affectionately calling Post-Con on Fri, Feb 24, at the Host Hotel from 9 am-3 pm. Three stellar sessions are available for you and the team to choose from once the #MindFuelEd2023 event app goes live in January 2023. Additional fees apply for Post-Con offerings. For more information, click here

Bring Your Team

Teams Encouraged

In order to support the growth of learner-centered systems back in your district or school, we encourage you to bring a team to MindFuelEd. Depending on the size of your team, we might be able to customize a group rate. For more information, add a note to your registration email or call Leah Tierney at 1-619-432-CORE (2673).


Margaritaville Resort Palm Springs

MindFuelEd 2023 will take place Feb 22-23 at the magnificent Margaritaville Resort Palm Springs, Palm Springs, CA. Deluxe and standard room rates for MindFuelEd start at $199* a night.

Fri, Feb 24

New in 2023

Post-Conference Institutes is an optional day of focused professional learning; sessions provide attendees with actionable takeaways intended to be put to work in the classroom immediately. Attendees opting in will register for a single day-long session on Fri, Feb 24. Additional fees apply for this optional day of professional learning. 

#MindFuelEd2023 Agenda
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Check out the AMAZING lineup of Authors, Schools, and Partners presenting at #MindFuelEd2023.

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