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An educational experience
Unlike any other

Learner Agency is the capacity of learners to act purposefully and constructively to direct their growth and contribute to the development of their peers. So let's get ReConnectEd at #MindFuelEd2023 and explore the power within us to give learners the level of autonomy and control they need to experience and influence their educational journey.

7 Core Concepts of Culturally Responsive-Sustaining Assessment

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Connect: How will you connect with other educators and leaders to grow your personal and professional networks?

Cultural Identity: How can we create learning spaces that bridge our students’ cultural identities to their learner identities?

Asset-Centered Mindset: How can we create conditions for learners to draw upon their existing funds of knowledge?

Dispositional Learning:  How do I ensure my students transfer the mindsets and habits of learning they develop both in and out of their school experience?

Learning Partnerships: How do I build authentic equal learning partnerships with students and families?

Learning Clarity: How does the learning experience ensure clarity of academic, social, and emotional competencies?

Engagement: How do we engage learners personally and collaboratively?

Criticality: How can we better understand power, oppression, and equity through questioning, dialogue, and reflection?

ConnectED Moments

"Bliss-like" moments woven throughout the two-day experience meet half of our mission with MindFuelED to honor and celebrate educators.

School Success Spotlights

Identify practical tips from School Success Spotlights to bring back to your school/district.

Dance Breaks with DJ Kurty

Yup! We have a resident DJ at MindFuelED – DJ Kurty – who loves educators as much as we do. Can I hear everybody say, "Ooohh-ahh Ooohh-ahh!"

Community Circles

Whether you attend the Welcome Reception, participate in a community circle of your peers, or interact with MindFuelED attendees via our new event app, networking opportunities abound.

Wisdom Walks - A Tradition

Teams of educators highlight success from the last couple of years that made an impact and made them most proud.

Unlike any other…

But the most important aspect of MindFuelED is, well, YOU! Bring your thoughts, experiences, and questions. And we will see you in Feb.


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